Primanti Montessori is a wonderful place for my child, Jacob, who is in Mrs.V’s primary classroom. They are extremely patient, kind, and nurturing to my son who is in his first year at this school. The teachers are knowledgeable in the Montessori method and implement it very well in their classrooms.

Thanks for doing a wonderful job Primanti Montessori

Dave & Teresa Francis

Our son Anthony has excelled so much since he first started. I can’t believe at only 4 years old he is able to write in cursive, read, and do some basic attention. He has made some really good friends at this school. Mrs. Villaruel has done a great job teaching our son. We couldn’t find a better school to teach our son. We feel that what he will learn here will benefit him greatly for the future

Thank you Primanti

Albano Family Brad, Marla, and Anthony

I have three sons who attended Primanti Montessori starting at age three and a half. My first impression of Primanti Montessori was one of wonderment, as I observed a teacher with a gentle command of the classroom. There were children as young as two years old sitting quietly working. Everyone had such good manners. Children here are taught, and expected to do so much for their selves. They learn to use tea cups and wash them in preschool. They also learn to write in cursive by kindergarten, because they can. All three of my sons could read by age four and five. The other wonderful aspect of the Montessori teaching is that each child is taught at their own pace and when they are most apt to learning something new. This is something truly unique to Montessori and I believe one of the reasons I observed so many successes in their academic and their personal growth.

Specifically attributable to Primanti Montessori, as a school, is the incredible teachers that they have here. Mrs. Siess, who taught all of my sons, is one of the most natural preschool/kindergarten teachers I have ever met. She builds a special bond with the children and makes every child feel special. The rapport she has with parents is equally important. She is always there to hear from her parents and give advice and reassurance as needed.

For our family Primanti Montessori has laid a foundation for higher learning. Primanti Montessori is a place we trust our children are well cared for.

As a parent of 2 boys that have been in private school, I can honestly say that my son that I enrolled at Primanti Montessori has out-paced his older brother in regard to learning. My kindergarten son in the “Primary” class at Montessori is learning the equivalent to third grade math. The practical-style of learning and the individualization is so advanced to public or other private schools.

The two teachers, Mrs. V and Mrs. Diaz, are fantastic. Their patience, dedication, and hard work are evident in what their students learn. It is impressive and nearly astounding what the 2-6 year old kids have learned. It saddens me that my 2nd grader, whom I switched to a highly ranked public school this past year, has been surpassed in learning by his younger brother. It was the best decision I made to put my youngest son into Montessori in 2011!

Great teachers, Great teaching techniques, Great school!

Sincerely, Tonya Flaxington

Mrs. Villaruel is instrumental in teaching James his basics – math, reading and writing. Her love for teaching and children really shows, I would recommend all my friends and family to start their Pre-k children with Mrs. V at Primanti Montessori. Primanti has teachers that really care about the children, teachers that go out of their way to make sure the children are developed to their full potential. From academics to extra-curicular activities, the teachers give it their all.

Jasmine Tao, Jame’s Mom

My son has been a student at Primanti since November 2011. He has been in the Toddler and Primary room and I have nothing but great things to say about his experiences. Alexander has blossomed under the care of his teachers, first Ms. Sharma and now with Mrs. Villaruel and Mrs. Dias. He is learning addition, writing skills, geography…..I am amazed on how much he has been able to absorb. His vocabulary is that of a much older child and he has a confidence and self-awareness that is remarkable. These teachers really seem to love what they are doing, which shows in the care, kindness and patience that they give to these kids. My son in an only child and can be difficult to direct but they keep him motivated and on task. I appreciate all that they have done and will have him in this school for the coming years. Sincerely.

Selena Stewart

The teachers at Primanti Montessori School do an excellent job of teaching and working with our 2 year old. After only a few short weeks, his skills with utensils and pencils were noticeably better. Our 2 year old can’t wait to got to school in the morning. He has a lot to say about what he did in school when he comes home. I was very surprised that our son can read 3 and 4 letter words already, and he can identify all 7 continents by name.


Our Middle School children are accepted to the best High Schools after graduation, and from there they frequently are accepted to some of the top colleges in the country. It is with great pride that we have some graduates that are presented with the “Excellence in Education”award, which is signed by the President of the United States.

Christine Wang

Dear Mrs. Villaruel and Mrs. Dias, This is a quick note of sincere appreciation for all you are doing for my daughter Eva. She is receiving such a wonderful education in an environment that is so warm and loving. I am grateful to know when I drop her off in the morning, she will not only learn new skills but will also receive the care and respect we all want for our children. Above all this, she loves coming to school!! Thank you for being a wonderful part of my daughter’s life. Sincerely

Stacy Lucas